Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Thinking Ahead

I just went and did my Christmas baking supply shopping at the grocery store, and as I sit here in my kitchen I had the strange urge to blog. I realized as I was checking out I just spent $19 of my last $35 on baking supplies...O the life of a college student with a baker's dream. It's tough trying to justify spending all this money on baking when you barely make any. But, then I sit back and think that I am only building my skills and resume, which in time will pay off.
So why the Christmas tree on the beach? No, I am not on some fantastic beach writing this...instead I am looking out the window at snow, quite the opposite. I am actually thinking about summer. Lately my brain keeps wanting to jump ahead to summer time instead of thinking about the current things. It's been hard, but I'm trying my best to keep my brain on track. Truthfully I keep thinking about what I want to do. Should I stay home and work all summer? Where should I work? Can I find a job in a bakery? Or is there something more out there for me? So in the Christmas season, I would like to give a little wisdom to myself and others: Live in the moment, and enjoy life!

I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas (or whichever holiday you so choose to celebrate), and stay safe. Keep checking back in the next few days because there is LOTS of baking to be done!

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