Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Catching Up

Yes, yes, I do know it has been over a month since my last update...I am VERY sorry!! As always, I have been very busy with family, work, life, and now school!!! I do want to update you on all the things I have been baking, so here we go:

These are pumpkin chocolate brownies. (I had a fall moment!) They were delicious. If you want to attempt them, you can find the recipe on the Smitten Kitchen website.

These are the shortbread cookies, cut out with a tropical fish cookie cutter, then frosted with lemon cream cheese frosting. I used the same shortbread recipe as the baby shower cookies (see earlier posts). The lemon cream cheese frosting was a very delicious addition to the cookies. Next time I frost the cookies, though, I would like to find a recipe that will harden, or crust over better. Nevertheless, they were very yummy!!

Thank You's....So remember the gigantic golf cake I made? Well, I was invited to a thank you cookout for the volunteers that helped at the golf tournament, and of course I brought dessert!!! Here are the cupcakes I made. I made chocolate, vanilla, and coconut cupcakes. All cupcakes were frosted with cream cheese frosting, except the coconut cupcakes had chocolate cream cheese frosting. I then made white chocolates that said "Thank You" on them, and placed them on top.

I hope everyone enjoys the baking!! I still have more to come...stay posted :)