Thursday, October 15, 2009

Apple Season

Not only did I have fun baking with pumpkin this past weekend, but I also tackled apples. I went apple picking with Deanna and the kiddos, and we got some great baking apples. I'm not sure exactly what type of apples they were. They're green, sweet, and HUGE (they're not Granny Smith)....but they're yummy!

So, I decided I would try making apple turnovers and tarts. They turned out delicious. These were also the first things that I have baked completely on my own without a recipe. I feel like I have accomplished a huge task in my baking career. =)

Everyone, stay posted because there is still more apply picking to come, and much more fall baking to be done!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Bring on the Pumpkins!!!

As a lot of you know I have been away at college, and despite having a lot more down time than when I was working full time, I have not been able to bake as much. I am limited as to what I can bake at school because I do not have many ingredients, but fear not my friends, I was house sitting this weekend and had full access to all my baking "stuff"! So, I decided to kick off fall in true Messy Kitchen fashion....BAKING!!!!

I had stumbled upon a new baking site called Lovin' From the Oven, which is run by a young girl who also has a strong passion for baking. She had listed a recipe for Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies...DELISH! I made the whole recipe, and it is does make quite a bit. I had enough to bring some to a cook-out, some to my brother, some to a friend, some to my parents, and still have some for myself to enjoy. They were very yummy, soft, and pumpkin-y. They were so good, I had people that don't like pumpkin eating them, and I have requests for more already!

I hope everyone is enjoying fall as much as I am...Enjoy! =)

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Maple Pecan Buttons

I was going through some stuff today, and I realized I never shared these delicious cookies with everyone! I made these a little while back, but they are definitely worth writing about. They are Maple Pecan Buttons, and I got the recipe from "In the Sweet Kitchen". They are tiny little cookies that are made with real maple syrup (who doesn't like real maple syrup!!) and real Pecans. After they are baked, you roll them in confectionery sugar....and then you roll them again! I know they are probably considered more of a holiday cookie than a summer cookie, but I at least know what I can make for my holiday gifts. They are really yummy, and if you own the cookbook, you should definitely make them!
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