Friday, June 19, 2009

Happy Birthday Anne!!

Today is my good friend Anne's birthday! So, my sister asked if I would make two cakes for her. The first one was a chocolate mint cake with a whipped buttercream frosting. The second was a white almond cake with fresh strawberries and a butter frosting. They both turned out fantastic! Happy Birthday Anne, I hope you have a wonderful birthday...Eat lots of cake!!


Well strawberries are in full bloom, so I decided to take the kiddos strawberry picking. After getting home, as usual the kids just wanted to eat the strawberries plain, but I personally opted for some strawberry shortcake!! It turned out YUMMY!!! I made the biscuits from scratch and put the strawberries with a little sugar, and layered them on. Then I topped it off with some whipped cream! Yum Yum!! Happy strawberry season everyone!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Whoopie Pies!

Whoopie Pies are known as a "New England Thing", but I don't care where you live, Try Them! Growing up in New England, I never realized the rest of America was being deprived of this delicious dessert. And, I never really realized it until I couldn't find a recipe for whoopie pies in a cookbook, but only from my family in friends who also live in New England.
These whoopie pies are delicious, but be warned they were made in true New England style. So, you're going to need a tall glass of milk and a friend to split the whoopie pie with...they are huge!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Baby Showers

Baby showers!! These cookies were for a friend of mine who was throwing a baby shower for a friend. She is having a little boy, so I was asked to make shortbread cookies frosted in blue and detailed in white. I thought the baby onsies cookies were absolutely adorable! Congrats Shelly!

1st Annual Krauss Family Golf Tournament 2009

Here is the cake from the 1st Annual Krauss Family Golf Tournament 2009. This was a full sheet cake, half vanilla and half chocolate. It was topped with a rich vanilla buttercream frosting, and decorated to look like the 18th hole. The tournament was for a very deserving family who has a 5 year old daughter named Sophie who was diagnosed with Mitochondrial. I was honored to be asked to donate a cake, and to help out during the tournament. I got to be the Hole-In-One Lady!! I had lots of fun meeting such wonderful people and learning so much about golf. And...from all the feedback, the cake was a hit.

Thursday, June 4, 2009


Let me tell you, these are no ordinary cupcakes! Well this was quite the find, and a hit at the party I attended. They are made with multiple steps, but in the end are really delicious! They are a delicious chocolate cupcake made with Guinness, with a rich chocolate filling, and topped with a wonderful vanilla frosting.
I got the recipe from Squash Blossom Bakery who originally got the recipe from Smitten_Kitchen. I made my cupcakes with only the Guinness in the actually cupcake, and omitted the rest of the alcohol in the recipe, but I am sure they would be even better with all the alcohol included. They were fun to make, and I encourage all fellow bakers to give them a shot.