Monday, May 24, 2010


I was able to spend a few days at home a little bit ago, before heading back to school. And, as most of my close friends will know, Thursday night is GNO (that's code for Girl's Night Out, BOYS!!) A bunch of mine and my sister's girlfriends all get together for dinner, Grey's Anatomy, and Private Practice. It honestly doesn't get much better than these Thursday nights. We gossip, catch up on boys, and give each other love and support. Unfortunately, because I'm at school, I don't get to go to many GNOs. When I'm home, though, I make every effort to go, and I'm sure to bring the dessert. This particular week, I decided to make something summer-y and yummy....and FAST. I didn't have much time because I had also decided to book my hair appointment and a coffee date with my friend the same day (typical me cramming too much into too little time). I did it though, I did it all. I made my mom's lemon squares. They are TO DIE FOR!!! The nutty crust combined with the lemon and the cool whip will make your mouth water! I absolutely love this recipe, it's easy and quick, and always a crowd pleaser. This will definitely be a recipe I will keep for life. I just wish I could figure out a way to make it so it was easier to package and distribute in smaller portions. The second thing I made was supposed to be Raspberry Bars. I used the same recipe I used ages ago from the Smitten Kitchen. I used the recipe exactly, except when I poured the raspberries out of the bag, strawberries came out. Apparently I need to pay more attention when I'm at the grocery store....whooopppsss! Nevertheless, they were delicious!! It was good to try switching a reliable recipe up a little bit. I hope everyone is enjoying the start to their summer! =)