Sunday, October 9, 2011

Witnessing Dreams Come Alive...

Where to start...Apparently I've neglected this blog for almost 3 months now, which is not OK by my standards at all. But, please know my absence is a good thing. I've been super busy working, schooling, enjoying life, and of course baking.

I know I've taken pictures along the way of my baking, but I can't seem to find them right now. So, while I dig around for them, please enjoy the photos of the most recent wedding I've done.

It is the most amazing feeling to witness your dreams coming true...

Red Velvet with Buttercream frosting
2 tiers, each 3 layers

Red Velvet cupcakes with Buttercream frosting
Wafer Paper Peacock feathers on top

Heart Shaped Whoopie Pies