Sunday, August 15, 2010


A couple of days ago, I ventured into Sam's Club to get a couple things. Venture is an understatement, because it was me and the store...all by myself. This doesn't happen very often. I never go there by myself, and for good reason. I was like a 5 year old let loose in a candy store wandering the aisles. I stood next to the shelves and looked up to what seemed to reach the 20ft ceilings. I walked and wandered each aisle wondering "could I use that??" As a baker, it was hard to resist the giant bags of chocolate chips...that I KNOW I could bake endless cookies with! But, I was doing a good job using self control. I did really well, but when I saw the 2lbs of fresh strawberries for $3.98...I couldn't resist! So I bought them. All the way home from Sam's I kept glancing at the 2lbs of strawberries that sat on my passenger seat next to me. All the possibilities of baked sweetness were streaming through my baker's brain. Then I realized the absolute best way to use the strawberries was in a birthday cake for my momma!

So yesterday, on the beauteous day of birth of my fabulous mother, I surprised her by baking her a cake. I made a 3-layer, 8-inch white almond cake. Between each layer were an abundance of sliced strawberries accompanied by a thin layer of whipped cream frosting. It was delectable! And as I laid in my bed last night, about to close my eyes, I heard a knock on my door. My mom peeped her head in and said "Thanks for my birthday cake." made it all worth it! Happy Birthday Mom!! I love you, and thank you for everything you have done, given, and said to me in my life. I feel so blessed to have you as my mom.

Oh, and I didn't use all the strawberries....hmmm so I think more baking may be in order!