Tuesday, May 19, 2009

And We're Off!

Well this comes in two forms...First: The Messy Kitchen has successfully completed it's first order!! Yeah! I feel like we are off to a wonderful start. I made a 9 inch Chocolate Flourless Cake accompanied by a raspberry sauce, and a 8 inch White Almond Cake, with Raspberry filling, and a whipped cream frosting. See below the delightful outcomes:

Secondly, I was off for a mini vacation this weekend. Off to Maine I headed!! I went to the Rockland area, which just happens to be one of my most favorite places. I went to visit some friends of mine, and of course I had to bring some goodies to share. I brought Coconut Macaroons dipped in Chocolate, Lemon Bars, and Plain Bagels. By the time I got there, I managed to arrive with all the Macaroons I left with, all the Lemon Bars I left with, and 11 of the dozen bagels I left with....what can I say, I'm a good baker and I got stuck in stopped traffic on 95 for half an hour....probably not the best combination during a long road trip. =) The goodies went over well, and my friend was very resentful to share with anyone! I had a wonderful time, and cannot wait to return.

Sorry it took so long to catch everyone up...I'm still trying to keep myself in vacation mode and function during my normal daily routine, ask anyone: Monday morning was not the best haha. As always: keep posted for more goodies, and have a wonderful day!!

....So, I know I posted this yesterday, but I completely forgot to tell you all about The Squash Blossom!!! (http://www.squashblossombakery.blogspot.com/) While I was in Maine, I went to visit my friend Jessie (who just happens to be a spectacular baker.) She has started her own bakery, and runs it out of The Sea Store in Spruce Head, Maine. Of course I had to bring some of her baked goodies home with me, so I got some granola, Peanut Butter cookies with Chocolate Chips, Ginger Molasses Cookies, and Blondies. They were absolutely delicious!!

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