Saturday, November 6, 2010

A new appreciation..

Sometimes I'm really ambitious...a little too ambitious. For example, the time I was determined to make freshly pureed pumpkin. Yes, that's right, fresh. So there I was at the local Agway buying a small sugar pumpkin. Small, cute, round, orange...and a pain in my butt!! I found these great instructions, and off I went. I knew when I had to try 6 different knives to just cut the pumpkin in half it wasn't going to go well. Despite my cursing and complaining, I trucked on. And about an hour later my pumpkin had been baked and I was ready to start mashing it away by hand...because I don't have a food processor. (Oh Santa, I would truly love one for Christmas ;> )..But I DID IT!!! I made Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies with my fresh pumpkin. That trusty old recipe has surfaced once again. They were very yummy! I have to admit it was a lot of work, and I truly appreciate the price of canned pumpkin now. I probably will not be doing it again anytime soon, but I am glad I can proudly, successfully say I made my own freshly pureed pumpkin!

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