Wednesday, July 22, 2009


You know when you go somewhere and have such a great time, but your pictures can barely show how wonderful it was, well...this is kinda how the pizza is. I found a recipe for pizza dough in Baking Illustrated, and really wanted to try it. We never order out for pizza when we are at our camp, so my mom suggested I try it there when we go up. The first time I made it, a friend of mine was complimenting how great it was, then we told her this was the first time I had made pizza, & the dough. Her face was priceless!!

Needless to say, pizza has become a camp ritual now. Everyone loves it! Our favorites include barbecue chicken made with Big Moe's Arkansawce (which can be bought by the bottle in and around the Portsmouth, NH area). And our other favorite is my famous white's amazing! Who knew making pizza would be so much fun and delicious!

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