Wednesday, March 17, 2010

March 17th? Really?

Do you ever have those things in your life that you see day after day, but never do. hmmm maybe like this blog. Everyday I see it on my homepage, but I never update it. It's truly sad. Life has been so busy, and unfortunately baking has been on the back burner, but definitely NOT forgotten! So, in the past month and a half, I have tackled cupcakes (obviously a college favorite), more delicious pizza.....and hermits, YUM! We ate the hermits too quickly for me to take a picture, but I will most definitely be making them again. They're super easy, and super yummy! Also....PIZZA! I have a feeling a pizzeria may lay ahead in my life. I love making pizza. It always comes out so yummy, and topping it is so much fun. Plus, it's a great excuse to get a bunch of girlfriends together for dinner.

Now on to the exciting stuff. Some of you may know that I am an Art Administration major, which basically if an art and business major combined into one. So, I have been taking lots of art classes which has been fun, but extremely challenging. Art has always been something that comes naturally to me, but now I spend more of my time thinking about my two art classes than I do breathing. YIKES! So, I would love to share a couple of my recent projects with you:

This first project was for my sculpture class. I had to choose an object, research the history of it, and then make a piece. I chose a balloon for my object. I researched it and found that balloons were originally made from cat bowels and used as a sacrifice to the Aztec gods....short of it is that I sculpted a cat's butt and then had it suspended in air by came out REALLY cool.

Here is the second project I wanted to share. For my other art class, we were all assigned a different type of art, mine was food art. We then had to make a piece using the same main principles as our topic. I chose to make a creme brulee-ing, fire breathing, rice crispie dragon. Inside him is a propane take, and I turned it on to brulee the top of the creme brulee....YUMM

I hope everyone is enjoying their spring weather =)

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